Saturday, February 6, 2016

Easy Peasy Valentine Cards/Operation Valentine's

Want a fast easy card for Valentine's Day???

Well here it is. I got the idea off Pinterest. Just typed in Valentine's Day card with washy tape, and a lot of cards popped up. I saw this one and thought WoW!! That is easy peasy and that's the one!!

In the video I said it took me about 30 minutes and that's probably true from start to finish, cutting paper, placing down the washy tape and stamping. I made 10-12 cards using this technique.

These cards turned out so cute for fast easy cards to give kids or anyone you want to give a card too.
The cards measure - 4 x 4 1/4 ; but you can make them any size.

I made 50 cards for Mel B. Operation Valentine's. These cards will be going to children who are hospitalized. I hope you enjoy the video and I plan on doing another video showing you the rest of cards I made for Mel B. Operation Valentine's.

Thank you Mel for letting me participate. You are an angel!

Thanks for joining me and hope to see you soon. Can't wait to post my next video showing you all the wonderful cards I made. I also made a few sets using some awesome techniques using what you have on hand.

Have a great weekend!! And oh, "This Weekend" is superbowl weekend. lol  I know last post I stated it was superbowl but a lovely friend called me out. lol  Thank  you Apryl.

Hugs everyone and stay crafty.
Deborah xxx


  1. Clever ideas, Deborah!! And love so much the tic tac toes design!! :D So cute, fun and fast!! You are a lovely and generous person to make so much cards for kids in hospital!!! So sweet of you!
    Hugs my friend!

    1. Thank you Alice for the sweet comment.

  2. Delightful card and love your tic tac toe design, and your image is your colours too.xx {aNNie}

    1. Thank you Annie. I appreciate you stopping by. :D

  3. First I give you a round of applause for doing some many cards! That is amazing in itself! Looks like you were having fun and this is definitely something I would like to try! Thanks for the tips! Hugz. ~Niki