Monday, January 5, 2015

Sharing Happy Mail For Christmas

Hi all,

I just wanted to post some Happy Mail I received from one of my One Stitch At A Time Teamie, Nataliya @ Love Crafts Forever.
So within the Team we do an ATC Swap and she had me. Our theme was "All That Glitters".
I received her beautifully made ATC, simply just gorgeous and then I also received a box that said Lindt/LINDOR Chocolates, of course my mouth was just watering cause these are like my absolute Favorite Chocolates in the whole wide world! Love them, MMMMMM!!! If you've never had one you gotta try it. Seriously. lol
Okay, back to the story so I am opening up the box and this is what I found..................................
 OMG!!! RIGHT!!! These are simply gorgeous!! I am telling you, all hand made by her. Is she just over the top talented or what?! Of Course, I just sat and starred at them, I was in AWWWW.
I messaged her right away and told her Thank you. Now look below at the gorgeous ATC.

Nataliya's ATC made for ME :D

Just so beautiful!! Love, Love, Love these flowers. : D   

Well so there you have it a sweet and short post just a Crafty Share for you all. I think I am going to also post some other ATC's I've received from previous Swaps. I just started getting into making ATC's and haven't posted any I've made but I have to say they are fun. 

Thanks for stopping by and Stay Crafty
Deborah xxx


  1. Awwww. You are way toooo kind . Thank you so much for such a sweet words. You made my flowers look better just by talking about them lol. So glad mail Man didn't lost it. Yeey!
    Hugs Nat

  2. Fantastic gift!! And ATC is so special!

  3. Oh Deborah, what a fabulous gift you received by Nat!!! All these flowers and the ATC are just awesome!! Really lovely and colorful! I'm sure that you will made a lot of adorable projects, ATC and more, with these flowers! I'm happy for your enjoy :)