Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 A NEW TIME & Winner of the "A Give Away That Shines"

Good Morning Crafty Friends,

Well we made it through the Holidays, yeah!!! :D   And now we have a NEW YEAR 2015!

Gosh, time flies so fast its just down right scary sometimes, don't you think??

I hope all of you had a great time ringing in the NEW YEAR. Here at the Adams house, just 4 of us were able to be together for toasting in 2015. My other two daughters were out doing their own thing.

So with the New Year being upon us and I know everyone in Crafty Land is posting about resolutions, goals or maybe declaration for your New Year. I have been thinking of this a lot, like maybe a couple of months ago. Last year I wanted to get organized and use my stashy stuff without spending a lot of money on items I don't use. Well I did get organized in a few areas but other areas slid right by and I did use my stashy stuff and then there was the no spending money......but of course when there is a good sale you just can't pass it up right??? You know you who are, especially if your any type of craft hoarder. hahahahaaaa

Well this brings me to this year and I know what I want to do but doing it is another thing. You know sometimes you are just nervous to really put yourself out there. With that said, that is one of my goals I am going to work on this year. To overcome my nervousness - to try new things, whether I mess up or not, right? Crafty mistakes can be fixed; To really think outside the box & go outside the lines(eeek); To Grow as a Crafter - learn, watch, take some classes and involve what I've learned into my creativity.
I do know I want to continue using what's in my stash (as always), continue to become better organized (always a work in progress) and to inspire you all as much as possible.

I don't want to say this is my New Year Resolution, 
I think of it more as a Declaration of how I would like to discover 
another side of myself as a Crafter. 

If you have a "Declaration" you've made please leave me a post below. I'd love to know what you are doing this  year. If noting that's okay, too. I was thinking of not doing any type of statement for the New Year, but then it occurred to me what I really do need some type of challenge. Even if you just challenge yourself to make something you've been thinking of making. Just do it!! : ) It will be wonderful - after all what do is ART because we put our heART into what we make.
The WINNER of the 
"A Give Away That Shines"

(Please email with your name & address at by Jan. 10th)

Thank you all for playing along in the Give Away I really appreciate your support and
all the wonderful & thoughtful comments you all leave me. Thank you for being
my Crafty friends!! It's such a great feeling to belong to a community where we 
can share our thoughts, ideas and meet wonderful people who have the same interests. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :D <3
Deborah xxxx


  1. Woohoo, so happy that my friend scrAPamondo won! Enjoy your new goodies! Thank you to Deborah for your generous giveaway! Happy New Year to all!

  2. Hooray!!! I won! Thanks so much Deborah for this generous and lovely prize!!! I'm very very happy!
    In my place there aren't shops with crafty items, I must buy on line and there is always expensive... so your prize is really a treasure for me! Thanks a lot, I will use these things with joy!!
    My scrap intention for the new year is to become more accurate and have a scrap room... for now I work on the table of the kitchen and must put and to remove all the things every time!
    Happy New Year and I wish you to reach your goals!

  3. Congrats to winner!
    Wishing You a Very Happy New Year Deborah!