Thursday, May 8, 2014

It's Baby Cake

Hi everyone,

Wanted to share some photos of the baby shower, the baby shower cake and the diaper cake I made. One thing I will say the shower turned out perfect, I love planning parties. I do have to say we had one upset that just brought me to tears. The baby cake that I ordered for the shower was a disaster. OMG!!! I don't want to show you all a picture because it was just awful, but we called our local grocery store Brookshires and they redid the cake for the shower that day. I just couldn't believe it. When we picked up the cake for the shower with less than 30 minutes before people showed up it was absolutely darling. I couldn't believe it plus they did not charge me for the cake. I just was elated.
So without further a-do here is the cake - by Brookshire's

So this picture is of the pennant I made for my daughter to wear during the shower. 
I made a decorative pennant for Chris (SIL) to wear but husband said it looked to girly. So he went down to the store and just bought a baseball cap. Of course he didn't pay attention to what the hat said, he just picked one and bought it. So I stuck the Dad to be circle on it. So Chris would look more masculine. Lol

Okay now for the Diaper cake. As I looked at the pictures they didn't turn out that great, really it just looked better in person. But hope you all like it. 

Well I hope you all enjoyed looking at the rest of the baby shower items I wanted to share with you all. I try not to get to personal within my blog but I just thought I'd share for inspiration. 
Thank you all so much for all your wonderful and thoughtful comments. I love hearing from you all. 
Deborah :D

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