Saturday, December 7, 2013

Get the Vintage Look

Hi all my crafty buddies, :D
Ok, so I told you I had a surprise for you all after Thanksgiving. I wanted to post this earlier but since I live in North Texas Yes, that's where the ice storm hit, I have been busy. I settled down last night to make the post but then fell asleep. (sorry)

I have a friend named Sereta that loves the vintage stuff, she is such an awesome person and we really enjoy sharing ideas, crafting together and looking for crafty stuff on Youtube and of course bargains. Of course since she is into the vintage look, it has rubbed off on me. I never really thought about it, cause I didn't think I could do vintage, but I always thought it was pretty. Sererta has made these mini albums and then taught myself and another crafty friend how to make them. This was a few weeks ago. I started mine but just haven't found the time to finish with making Christmas cards, Thanksgiving, company and other things going on.

Here are a few pics  of her albums they are just gorgeous, although the pictures are good it really doesn't show the creativeness or the beauty of the finished album. The inside is just as gorgeous.
Here are pictures of mine, it's not finished so I am not entering it in any challenges yet. I am making it into a Memory Book of my Grandmothers' Recipes for my cousins and brothers. I plan to put pictures of us when we were little, and of our parents when they were little with pictures of my grandparents. Then inside the envelopes I am going put the recipes so they slide in and out, I think they will like it. I also am giving you the link to a Youtube video - its made by Rodriquez Designs its a 3 part tutorial, Envelope Mini Album. This is where Sereta got the idea on making the mini book, it also covers how to make a binding for the pages and front and back cover. I hope you all go and check it out if you haven't done one yet. I thought it was just awesome.
I also am posting how the binding looks. Let me know if you have any questions. K I'd like hearing from you all and let me know if you have ever done one. This is new to me. :D
 This is the back of the book. I took a book pg and crumpled it ran some ink across the crumpled parts and edges and then placed a smaller cut of dp on top.
  This is the front of the book.

This is the inside of the back in the book. I made a pocket for extra items of notes.
Here is what the binding looks like - scored 14 lines down the page it's the size of 5x6 1/2 card. I bought the Recollections Cards & Envelopes set. It has 40 sheets plus the matching envelopes.

 Well there you go. I will be back with the finished item, hopefully my mom will be able to get pictures together for me for the book in a few weeks. I am really excited. I hope you go by check out the Youtube video. I also have a few other items I am posting, I some cute little boxes I made to share.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you found some inspiration and if you can just leave a little comment.
Take care and stay warm,
Deborah :D


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  1. I have seen these~pretty awesome Deborah:):) Thanks for the visit to my blog. Simple things can be turned into beautiful things:):) cm