Monday, December 30, 2013

Candi to Win x2 with 2000 Followers

Good Day to all,
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I did until I got sick. :D So since the 26th I have been in bed blog hopping and watching Youtube videos. :D  I am sure you know what I mean, if I can't craft than I can watch crafting. I felt good yesterday and did a little clean up in my craft room and made a little something but can't show you until next week cause its for one of teams. So be sure to stay tuned. K  I think you all will like it. :D 
Any way this post is about wonderful CANDI not the kind you eat but the kind we give away or win! Yeahhh...  :D  I found a new blog, new for me and this wonderful crafty lady is giving away not only 2 wonderful candi prizes but an additional mystery one. O-M-G! right. So I am dedicating this post to her to help her reach her goal of 2000 followers. So if you want a chance to win some delicious candi click on this.... Audrey aka Hippieaud and you will go to the site, add your name and become a follower. Also check out her site, she has some adorable creations. :D

Soooo here is a pic of what the prizes are .....So Awesome.....

What really nice prizes, huh?
Thanks for stopping by today. Please become a follower of mine and please follower her, without all of us helping each other out who else would keep us inspired, motivated and creative. :D
Thank you
PS - If there is misspelled words or my sentences are not to par please excuse, as I am writing this while sick. :D 

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