Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Eggs in a Pot

Hi there,
I hope you all are having a great week. I have been busy getting some of my Easter decor done around the house. You know I love card making but I also love to do flower arrangements and decorating for holidays. I have two items to share today, but I will have some more later. I have one that is in the works I am really excited about sharing but you have to wait. (smiling) I think you all will like it. Today I am showing these cute little Egg Pots I did and they turned out really cute.
I am going to enter these into the Inspire Me Fridays which is a fabulous site that gives great inspiration. I like looking at this site for neat ideas and recipes there is really good stuff on this site, check it out.  So I have lots of pic's to show you, so if you want to create the same thing or something similar you get the items at JoAnn's or Michaels.

These first pictures show the items I used to create these - Used small pots - painted 3 coats on each pot. The paint dries fast, I used a sponge applicator to paint (not a paint brush)

 Here the rest of the items - I got flowers & posts were from Michaels, ribbon, eggs & paint from JoAnn's. Oh, I forgot to mention I used styrofoam blocks inside the pots to position the flowers and raffia placed on top for coverage. (to look like a little nest)
Here is the finished products I took a couple of pictures of each one individually and one outside.

 Here is the pink pot of eggs -

The outside picture -

Well I hope you enjoyed the Eggs in a pot. I hope you were inspired to create something for your home or for someone special.
Thank you for stopping by, wishing you a happy day and happy crafting. : D



  1. These are so pretty! I love them and it's such a great idea. So creative. The outside picture is so pretty :)

  2. This is so pretty.
    Can't wait to try this one out next year.
    Looks so much better than just having a vase of flowers on the table :)

  3. Hey Debora, you have very creative mind.
    and i like all those pretty baskets..
    specially those shining eggs. adorable..

    thanks for the idea