Friday, August 8, 2014

TH Mini Distressed Inks

Hi Crafty Pals, :D

So I've had this post in the back of my mind for a week now and since I am feeling a little better I wanted to get this out ASAP. K  Do you all remember at the beginning of the year I started a News Resolution to start organizing my crafty room, well it continues, slowly but surely getting organized. lol 

Do you own Tim Holtz Distressed Inks? How many? Every color? Even the New Mini's?
As you know there is a new storage container that house the New TH Mini Distressed Inks. The storage container is just adorable and really practical. 
Although I really like it I wanted something to house all my TH inks together so when I go to crops or to a crafty friends house I can take them with me. 
Here is what I found -
At the Dollar General Store down the street from my house. I haven't looked at Walmart or any other stores for this particular container so not sure if they carry this one. But they may have something similar. 

**This is the side of the storage container the levels click to Up to close and Down to open**

**The inside top has a divider and the two bottom cases don't**

**Another view with all the pieces of the container**
The blue divider pops out so if you needed another open container you now have three**
Refer to the top photo for the picture of the container 

**The really neat thing is this - 
You can stack another layer of inks in all three; even the blue divider!
See .......

So you have plenty of room for adding to your collections. :D

One last thing, I wanted to share with you how I keep my sponges with my inks.
I take velcro (rough side) stick it on the back of the inks and then place the fuzzy piece to the sponge. This way I keep the colors with that color of the sponge. 
For the mini's I do the same but I cut down the sponge a little bit so it will fit nice into the back of the mini ink. FYI - Sometimes you do not need the fuzzy side of the velcro on the back of the sponge. 

Well hope you liked this little idea. Please leave me a comment let me know what you think,
Thank you for stopping by.
Deborah : D


  1. I like your containers! Wish we had Dollar General here in Canada! That's an awesome find for $1.

    1. Hi KT,
      Do they sell containers like this in the markets in Canada? I'm not sure but this brand is pretty popular and I think they sell in the European markets. I think I use to see these brand, or something like this brand when I lived in Italy.

  2. Useful idea! Also I wish have Dollar General in Italy... :-(

    1. Thank you for your comment. :D Not sure where you live, I used to live in Aviano, Italy. I lived there cloes to 4 years and my 1st daughter was born in Pordenone Hospital. (hope I spelled it right) It's been a long time ago. lol I was going to tell you I think if I remember right, they may sell these types of containers in the markets or in the smaller markets (stores). I miss Italy so much, wish we could back someday. :D