Thursday, August 14, 2014

Special Delivery from Prima!

Good Morning all my Crafty Buddies! :D

Well today I am sharing something with you again it's a little late getting posted. But I thought I would still share, especially cause you know how we all love Great Deals, right?

Well not sure how many of you LOVE Prima but I am a fan of their paper, flowers, stamps, you name it I am there. So I received an email from one day regarding Special Delivery item for sale. So I checked it out, and Oh MY GOSH! I had to get it, they had this set of paper in the kit that I had been looking for in order to finish a recipe book I started a long time ago. The recipe book is holding all my grandmother's recipes from when I was a kid and the paper I wanted was floral set - Zephyr Collection. It has bright beautiful flowers of all kinds just like her garden when I was kid. That's probably where I got most of my gardening knowledge from my Grandma & Grandpa, I totally remember pulling weeds. lol
Enough of the walk down memory lane........Anywhoooo.............
So I received the kit and opened it with enthusiasm!! I am telling you I ripped that box open and just was overjoyed. After I calmed a bit I thought darn I should have taken pictures to share. So I wrapped it all back up and took pictures like I was opening it for the first time. LOL (silly)

Well here are the pics hope you all enjoy them and please leave me a comment about what you think. I think you get a lot of stuff for the price - $39.99 especially if you consider how much you would pay for the items individually.

Everything is nicely placed in the box. 

You get lots of flowers a stamp, 6x6 paper, chipboard pieces, bling and pearls

Alpha stickers :D

These pictures below show the speciality paper which is sewn/stitching that is around the butterfly images and paper. The next is a canvas front and back.

The last is the papers showing Front and Back - I tried to get a couple of them at the same time. Showing the front side and then what it looked like on the backside of the same paper. As you can see some of the papers have tags or beautiful images you can use on cards, tags, or mini album. 

Well this is the Special Delivery July Kit, they had a June one but it's sold out. So I am looking forward to seeing what they put together for August. :D
I hope you liked it and got inspired to try Prima, they also have some wonderful embellishments as well. 
Take care and keep smiling : D

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