Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DIY - Wall Hanging Decor

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I apologize for the very late post; I have been under the weather.

Ok, so I moved into a new home, and couldn't find anything I wanted for my wall decor. So I was on YouTube one day and found some videos on How to create your own wall decor. As I watch these videos I could not believe it, they were so pretty. I thought I can do that, but I want to put a spin on it. See below for my version of DIY Wall Decor; I also put instructions just in case you want to create one yourself.
***For the large wall decoration I did I used 1 inch strips. It is okay but I suggest if you are going to make one use ½ inch strips as it will be lighter to hang. To hang the larger wall hanging I used a 1/16 inch punch to make a hole in the top and on the sides of the hanging and made a loop with jewelry wire to hook onto a little nail.

***This is the smaller Wall Decor framed used SU Bliss Blue cardstock as a mat; used elmer’s clear glue to stick onto the frame.

1. Tools needed are toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls, hot glue gun, scissors, jewelry wire for hanging wall art, picture frame, little stick-on jewels, and card stock for the matting the d├ęcor. Most of everything I got from dollar store or Michaels.

2. Cut ½ inch strips from the rolls
3. Cut one end of the roll so it is an opened end; pinch together and roll the down.
4.  Once you have rolled ends down you can shape with your fingers

5. Hot glue your ends together – I did a pinwheel shape
6. I circled my pinwheel
7. Did heart shapes, glued upside down; V shape’s glued in between the hearts. Spray painted my wall design with Bronze spray paint; Let dry overnight.
If you are interested in seeing more Wall Hanging Decorations go to YouTube type in Wall Decor using toilet paper rolls, there are many videos showing different designs you can do.
Let me know if you have any comments or questions. Thanks for stopping by, Have a fun in creating your Wall Hangings.

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